Within the FPI program of the Spanish Ministry of Science, IFISC offers 
a 4-year PhD contract in the framework of the PACSS project "Physics 
Approach to Complexity in Socio-technical Systems", reference 

Deadline: November 7, 2019. Any student that holds or is expected to 
hold a master's degree by the expected starting date (June-July 2020) 
can apply to this call.

Interested candidates should contact any of the senior researchers: Pere 
Colet, Tobias Galla, Sandro Meloni, Jose Ramasco, Maxi San Miguel and 
Raul Toral.

General information about the call: https://bit.ly/2BgUSAG

IFISC (Institute for Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) is 
a joint research center of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) 
and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) based in Palma de 
Mallorca. More information at https://ifisc.uib-csic.es

The PACSS project, 
https://ifisc.uib-csic.es/en/research/projects/pacss/, is organized in 
two work-packages: WP1 is devoted to the study of the basic mechanisms 
in social models, and WP2 focuses on data-driven research. Specific 
topics include

- Urban systems, energy and mobility (data and theory)
- Epidemic spreading and complex contagion
- Evolutionary game theory
- Ecology of social interactions
- Stochastic systems, aging, noise, network co-evolution, delays in 
social systems (opinion dynamics, language competition, etc.)

Raul Toral

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