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Subject: International Conference 2020: "Motile Active Matter"
Date: 11. November 2019 at 13:33:47 CET
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Dear Colleague,
We are very happy to announce the International Conference
Motile Active Matter”,
organized by the DFG Priority Program on 
“Microswimmers – From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behavior”
to take place on March 30 – April 02, 2020 at Forschungszentrum caesar in Bonn, Germany.
The motility of cells and microorganisms is a cornerstone of the existence of life and an outstanding achievement of evolution. From a physics perspective, active matter is a novel class of nonequilibrium materials composed of a large number of agents, which consume energy and generate directed motion. Length and time scales range from nanomotors and microswimmers and single cells up to fish, birds and humans. Unraveling, predicting, and controlling the behavior of active matter is a truly interdisciplinary endeavor, and involves scientists from biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, mathematics, and physics.

The conference will bring together scientists from the various disciplines involved in research on active matter, disseminating recent progresses and highlighting future challenges. Topics include:

• Cells and Microorganisms
• Artificial and Biological Microswimmers
• Collective Behavior
• Sensing and Navigation
• Confinement and External Fields
• Statistical Mechanics of Active Matter
The conference will include invited and contributed talks as well as posters.
You can find more information on the conference website:
Best regards,
Gerhard Gompper
[On behalf of the organizers: Gerhard Gompper, Clemens Bechinger, Stephan Herminghaus, U. Benjamin Kaupp, Hartmut Löwen, Holger Stark, Roland G. Winkler]
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