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Asunto: [powders-and-grains] Granular Matter Webinar Series #1
Fecha: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 07:53:38 +0000
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dear Powders & Grains community!

I’m pleased to announce the first in the new Granular Matter Webinar Series, 
scheduled for this Friday (28 Aug) 
1:00 PM (13.00) UTC
8:00 AM (8.00) Central Daylight Time
9:00 AM (09.00) Eastern Standard Time
3:00 PM (15.00) Central European Standard Time
9:00 PM (21.00) Chinese Standard Time

Repulsion and rotation: Penetrating granular matter near a wall,” 
by: Ernesto Altshuler (University of Havana) 

We plan this as kick off for a series of periodic (every month or so) webinars, where experts will speak on interesting subjects in the field.

Below, please find the links to the webinar itself, and an update page advertising it.

best regards
Stefan Luding
  Andres Santos              
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  Universidad de Extremadura         
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