Dear all, 

A postdoctoral position in cellular pattern formation in plants is available in [ | my new group ] at the Max Planck for Plant Breeding Research (Cologne, Germany). I am especially looking for highly motivated candidates that have a quantitative background and wish to combine experiments (time-lapse microscopy of developing plant tissues) and computational approaches (quantitative image analysis and modelling). Further information can be found in the following [ | link ] (or equivalently, see attached document). 

If you could spread the word to potential candidates, I would highly appreciate it. 

Thanks a lot for your help! 




Dr Pau Formosa-Jordan 
Group Leader 

Department of Plant Developmental Biology 
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research 
Carl-von-Linne-Weg 10 
D-50829 Cologne 

Phone: [ callto:+49 221 5062-291 | +49 221 5062-291 ] 
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