An announcement of a PhD position in active matter in Oslo (there are related opportunities at other locations within the same network

I would like to bring to your attending a new PhD opportunity on active matter research at the University of Oslo. It would be very helpful if you could share this among your students or with other research groups where students are interested in pursing a PhD  on this topic and in Norway. 

This position is about studying collective effects in active matter due to hydrodynamic interactions, in particular in the presence of turbulent flows. Given the computational complexity of the underlying equations, we are looking for students with a strong background in computational physics. However, there will also be the opportunity for building computational skills during this project. That is because this is part of a large international Marie Curie PhD program (ComSci ) that aims at training PhD students in computational science while researching on various topics. As part of this program, I have proposed two research topics, one of them being this one on active matter. 

More info on how to apply for any of the ComSci PhD fellowships can be found here 

The deadline for this position is January, 3 2021

Thank you for spreading the word to potential candidates! 

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Emilio Hernandez-Garcia

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