The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies has just published a special issue of its journal, Eurohealth, in collaboration with WHO/Europe and the European Commission. This issues draws on data from the COVID-19 Health System Response Monitor to examine health system responses to COVID-19.

This special issue includes perspectives on the pandemic by WHO/Europe and the European Commission as well as lessons from the first wave, health system resilience, responding to the economic crisis, and translating evidence into policy. Additionally, this Eurohealth provides analyses of the challenges, progress and lessons with responding to the COVID-19 pandemic under the following headings:
•	Preventing transmission
•	Ensuring sufficient workforce capacity
•	Providing health services effectively
•	Paying for services
•	Governance
Eurohealth is a quarterly publication that provides a forum for researchers, policy makers and experts to express their views on health policy issues and so contribute to a constructive debate on health policy in Europe.