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11th Liquid Matter Conference

Prague, July 18 23, 2021


Dear colleague,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 11th Liquid Matter Conference postponed from this year to July 2021. The original arrangement of the conference has remained otherwise intact and Id like to ensure you that the conference will assuredly be held,
whether physically in Prague or virtually, it will be seen.

The conference covers a broad range of condensed matter topics, ranging from complex liquids over liquid crystals, polymers, colloids, and biological fluids to active matter.

The conference, whose purpose is to bring together researchers working in the field of physics an chemistry of condensed matter, will follow to established format of this series with the aim to present and discuss latest developments in the respective fields.

The conference web site, https://protection.puc.rediris.es/fmlurlsvc/?fewReq=:B:JVs5Mjc3OSV1PjEtMyVqZz4zMjkzMiVwamRtYnd2cWY+Mzc7YDE6N2AxMTo2O2VgOjM1NTQ7NWdmOjBgYmI1N2E7MjM6YWVlYSV3PjI1MzsxOjYxOjslcmpnPjNBSkBmU0JqMzM1Ozs2LjNBSkBmU0JoMzM1Ozs2JXFgc3c+Ym1ncWZwQ3ZtZnstZnAlYD46MyVrZ28+Mw==&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.LMC2021.cz where you may find all further details, is already open for registration and abstract submission.


Im looking forward to meeting you at the conference next year.

Ivo Nezbeda
Conference Chair

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