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Date: mar., 8 dic. 2020 19:16
Subject: [soft-matter] Machine Learning Glasses
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Dear Colleagues,

Applications are invited to fill one postdoctoral fellowship on “Machine Learning Glasses”, starting in 2021. The fellowship is for two years and is funded by the Simons collaboration "Cracking The Glass Problem”.

The postdoc will be supervised by Ludovic Berthier (Montpellier, France and Cambridge, UK) and Giulio Biroli (ENS Paris, France), and will develop collaborations with Victor Bapst (DeepMind Google, London, UK).

The goal of the postdoc project is to combine two recent breakthroughs in simulations of supercooled liquids and glasses (the swap Monte Carlo algorithm and graph neural network developed at DeepMind and GoogleBrain) to elucidate the physical properties of these systems at unprecedentedly low-temperatures that are out of reach of conventional numerical approaches.

We are seeking candidates with good knowledge of statistical mechanics, computer simulations of liquids, and/or machine learning techniques.

Further information about the postdoctoral position is available on the website:

We would be grateful if you would bring this announcement to the attention of strong, creative individuals with a background in statistical physics and/or machine learning and encourage them to apply.

The deadline for applications is January 15,  2021.

Ludovic Berthier & Giulio Biroli
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