Dear colleagues,

The yrCSS has extended the deadlines for two interesting scholarships
till *July
11*, 2021.

*Scholarships for Events on Complex Systems (SECS): *financial support
up to 300 euros in attendance fee) for young researchers attending
conferences, workshops, schools, symposiums or other scientific events
related to complex systems. This is especially interesting as *CCS Lyon* is
approaching. (

*Bridge Grants: * financial support (500 euros for within-continent visits
and 1000 euros for visits between different continents)  for a short
external visit between two young researchers of the CSS to address a
problem in the field of complex systems. (

We try to decrease the bureaucracy to a minimum, we promise.

Please feel free to circulate this information among your colleagues and

On behalf of the yrCSS,

Violeta Calleja-Solanas