Buenos días,

El profesor Alberto Fernández-Nieves y yo estamos organizando una Focus sesión para el próximo March Meeting del APS (14-18 de marzo de 2022) sobre materia activa y medios granulares. Os dejo el anuncio (en inglés) bajo estas líneas por si os resulta de interés.


Ramon Planet

Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a Focus Session on “Active and externally driven granular matter” (02.01.13) at the APS March meeting 2022 (March 14-18 2022, Chicago, USA). This session aims to be a meeting point for anybody working with granular and active matter, doing either experiment, simulation or theory. Topics and systems of interest include biological and synthetic (for instance robotic) collectives, grains in external fields, mechanical properties, fluctuations and avalanches, wave propagation, and dynamical behavior. The plan is to bring together experts within soft and granular matter, active matter, and non-linear dynamics, to share their knowledge and expertise with the goal of identifying the key features and ingredients that control the physics behind the behavior of these systems.

The deadline for submitting abstracts to the 2022 APS March meeting is approaching (October 22, 2021) and, if you haven’t submitted an abstract yet, we encourage you to consider submitting doing so to this Focus session.

In parallel to the focus session, we are planning a special issue with the journal "Frontiers in Physics - Soft Matter Physics" that will include interested contributors. If you would like to submit a paper to this special issue, please, send us an email ( [log in para visualizar] & [log in para visualizar] ) .

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.

Best regards,

Ramon Planet & Alberto Fernandez-Nieves

Ramon Planet
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