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Subject: 	[powders-and-grains] Granular Matter Webinar Series Announcement
Date: 	Thu, 8 Dec 2022 16:35:34 +0000
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Dear Powders and Grains Community,

Hello all, I hope you are well.

On behalf of the Editors-in-Chief Hans Herrmann, Stefan Luding, and 
Heinrich Jaeger, I would like to announce a webinar presented by the 
journal /Granular Matter/, on *Tuesday, 20 December 2022*. Our speaker 
is *Prof. Andrés Santos (University of Extremadura).* The topic and 
abstract are as follows:

*_Protocols for the Mpemba effect in granular fluids _*

“The so-called Mpemba effect (ME) is a counterintuitive memory 
phenomenon according to which, given two samples of a fluid, the 
initially hotter one may cool more rapidly than the initially cooler one 
to a common steady state. Although initially reported in the case of 
water, its existence for that liquid is still questioned. On the other 
hand, the ME has been observed to emerge (both theoretically and 
computationally) in the case of granular fluids, where the role of 
temperature (T) is played by the mean kinetic energy per particle and 
the steady state is tuned by a certain set of control parameters. The 
key point responsible for the ME in granular fluids is the observation 
that the relaxation of T(t) to its stationary value is governed not only 
by its initial value T(0) but also by the initial values of one or more 
additional variables.

“In some of the works in the literature on the ME for granular fluids, 
the state at t=0 was assumed ad hoc, without a description of the prior 
preparation protocols for t<0. In this talk, I will discuss two classes 
of granular systems where protocols for the ME can be clearly devised.”

For more information, this is the landing page: 

And this is the link to the registration page: 

Registration is free, anyone can register, and there is no limit on how 
many people can attend.

Feel free to distribute these links among your networks to help 
advertise a colleague’s presentation. Thank you, and we hope to see you 
at the webinar!




Jack Manzi


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