The Laboratory for Fluid-Structure Interaction (LIFE) 
(;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!UnqO1Y0-W2hBf2tRcWC_ZH5oLc_RQ7HxDmx5P9kkOUg6_zOGV4rFlP34EFF1pSYn_Ty0RDfs03JyEMlHIuTz8aODYVSkdL9tz0Y$ ) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the 
Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) (;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!UnqO1Y0-W2hBf2tRcWC_ZH5oLc_RQ7HxDmx5P9kkOUg6_zOGV4rFlP34EFF1pSYn_Ty0RDfs03JyEMlHIuTz8aODYVSkEH82vdk$ ) in Tarragona (Spain), 
is looking for an enthusiastic research student with a strong interest 
in fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interactions. Successful 
candidates will join a small but very active multidisciplinary team, 
working in several fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems. The 
research will be mainly experimental and focused FSI with application to 
several engineering problems. The main topic that will be considered 
during the research include but are not limited to “vortex-induced 
vibrations for energy harvesting applications”.

Applicants will enroll in the Inter-University PhD Programme in Fluid 
(;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!UnqO1Y0-W2hBf2tRcWC_ZH5oLc_RQ7HxDmx5P9kkOUg6_zOGV4rFlP34EFF1pSYn_Ty0RDfs03JyEMlHIuTz8aODYVSk58dh8vo$ ) 
in which the URV participates together with other Spanish Universities: 
U. Jaén, U. Politécnica de Madrid, U. Zaragoza, U. Carlos III Madrid y UNED.


Successful applicants must hold a Master degree in Engineering (at least 
equivalent to a 5 years course in Engineering) at the time of the 
application, in the areas of Mechanical, Industrial, Aeronautical, Naval 
or Civil Engineering (note that other backgrounds might not be 
considered). Preference will be given to candidates able to demonstrate 
the following desired skills:
-    Matlab / Python / LabVIEW
-    Mechanical engineering design tools such as Inventor, Creo, etc.
-    Simulation tools such as OpenFOAM, NASTRAN, ANSYS,…
-    Experience with the use of optical measurement techniques, with 
emphasis in DPIV.


The call for applications will be opened from 12/01/2023 to 26/01/2023 
and managed the Agencia Estatal de Investigación:

Interested candidates should send to Prof. Francisco J Huera-Huarte 
([log in para visualizar]), before the 10/01/2023:

-    Motivation letter
-    Full CV
-    Academic transcripts of Undergraduate and Master degrees
-    Name and contact details (email and phone) of two academic referees


Prof. Francisco J. Huera-Huarte, DIC, PhD.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Av. Països Catalans, 26
43007 Tarragona, SPAIN
Tel.:   +34 977 558452
email:[log in para visualizar]
Associate Editor:
Journal of Fluids and Structures
ASME Open Journal of Engineering
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