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Modelling the behaviour of liquid crystals near to solid substrates

    A one day CCP5 workshop

Sheffield Hallam University

Wednesday 26 November   1997 :  Coffee 10.00 am

Substrate-induced alignment of molecular orientations is an area of considerable interest,
since all liquid crystal devices rely, at some level, on surface pinning. Computer
simulations are beginning to overcome the problems associated with the long length- and
time-scales involved in these materials.  The field is becoming an active research area in
which computer simulations can contribute to both theory and the interpretation of

The purpose of this one day Workshop is to allow active workers in the field an
opportunity to review new theoretical, experimental and simulation developments, and
assist them to identify key areas for future work.

The Workshop is being held at  Sheffield Hallam University on Wednesday 26 November,
1997. There will be registration fee of 15 which includes the cost of lunch. Unfortunately
places are limited and early registration is therefore advisable to ensure attendance.
Sheffield Hallam University is conveniently situated five minutes walk from the rail and
bus stations and is served by the M1 Motorway. Full travel details will be available on

The following invited speakers will contribute the papers shown below and additional
contributions are sought from participants.

Prof M P Allen  Bristol University
                Hard particle simulations of confined liquid crystals
Dr S Hanna              Bristol University
                Atomistic simulations of liquid crystal alignment on polymeric surfaces
Dr B Jerome             FOM Amsterdam
                Microscopic origins of macroscopic surface properties
Prof T J Sluckin        Southampton University
                Liquid crystals at surfaces : a theoretical overview
Dr T Spiller            Hewlett Packard
                Bistable nematic liquid crystal device modelling

Details of the meeting will be circulated to registered participants in late September 1997.

Meeting Organisers
Trisha Hunt  (0114 2533500/3010) e.mail   [log in para visualizar]
Prof Chris Care   e.mail   [log in para visualizar]
Dr Doug Cleaver  e.mail   [log in para visualizar]

Materials Research Institute
Sheffield Hallam University
Pond Street
City Campus
Sheffield S1 1WB