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These postdoctoral positions will be of interest to CCP5 members.
A summary table is given below with full details following.

Structure and dynamics of liquids
University of North Carolina

Electronic and vibrational dynamics of large molecular systems
Bologna, Italy

Postdoctoral Position Opening.

I anticipate an opening  in my group to perform computer simulations to
study the structure and dynamics of liquids at the liquid/solid,
liquid/liquid interfaces.  Our recent work  related to this subject was
concentrated on the study of water next to metallic surfaces and study of
water and surfactants at the interface with carbon tetrachloride in the
presence of SDS surfactants.  Some of the  recent references include the

X.Xia and M. Berkowitz, The Electric Field Induced Restructuring of Water at
Platinum/Water Interface.  Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulation,  Phys.
Rev. Lett. 74, 3193 (1995)
K. J. Schweighofer, X. Xia and M. Berkowitz, A Molecular Dynamics Study of
Water next to Electrified Ag(111) Surfaces, Langmuir 12, 3747-3752 (1996)
K.J. Schweighofer, U. Essmann and M. Berkowitz, Simulation of Sodium Dodecyl
Sulfate (SDS) at the Water-Carbon Tetrachloride Interfaces at Low Surface
Coverage. J. Phys. Chem. 101, 3793-3799 (1997).

The announced position is for one year with the possibility of a renewal.
An applicant should have a strong interest in science, be experienced in MD
simulation technique and know FORTRAN and UNIX.  The interested person is
asked to send me the resume and ask three references to mail me their letters.
My address is:
Max Berkowitz
Department of Chemistry, CB#3290
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Tel: (919)-962-1218
Fax: (919)-962-2388
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Two postdoctoral positions funded by the "Training and Mobility of Researchers"
programme of the European Union are currently becoming available to work
on various theoretical aspects of the electronic and vibrational dynamics of
large (> 100 atoms) molecular systems.
Prospective candidates with experience in quantum chemistry and/or
molecular mechanics and dynamics are encouraged to apply. Some FORTRAN
programming skills and a modicum of UNIX fluency are required.
In their work, the postdoctoral fellows are expected to interact strongly with
the other experimental chemistry and physics groups that form the network.
The gross salary is 31,000 ECUs per year.  The positions are open to EU (and
associated countries) nationals only, other than Italians.  They are
intended to be for one year and are renewable.  For more information,
parties interested in applying should contact:

        Dr. F. Zerbetto
        Dipartimento di Chimica "G. Ciamician"
        UniversitÓ degli Studi di Bologna
        V. F. Selmi 2
        40126 Bologna
        Tel: + 39 51 25 94 73   Fax: + 39 51 25 94 56
        e-mail [log in para visualizar]