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Paola Bentivoglio <[log in to unmask]>, U. Central Venezuela
Mar Cruz <[log in to unmask]>, U. Barcelona
Eulalia de Bobes <[log in to unmask]>, U. Autónoma Barcelona
Emma Martinell <[log in to unmask]>, U. Barcelona
Rosa Ribas <[log in to unmask]>, U. Frankfurt

                     Oferta de trabajo:
Enseñanza de español, Universidad de Canberra, Australia
       School of Languages & International Education
           Division of Communication & Education
    From: Oscar Florez <[log in to unmask]
                   Reference No. 99/2087
                     $48675 - $57651 pa

    Two lecturing positions at Academic Level B are
available. The appointees will be required to play a
leading role in the development, teaching and
administration of courses and subjects in Chinese/Spanish
(as appropriate), and to contribute to the teaching and
research effort of the School in the field of
foreign/second language pedagogy (including pre-service
and postgraduate Language Teacher Education courses eg.

       The positions are available from January 2000.

    Applicants are advised to obtain the position
documentation (see below) in the first instance and
then any further enquiries may be directed to Professor
Andrew Lian, email:
             [log in to unmask]

   Applications for this position close 8 October, 1999.

    Please refer to the Information for Applicants and the
Position Documentation before applying for this position.

    When applying, you must print, fill out and attach
this cover sheet to your application. Note that the cover
sheet is in Adobe PDF format. If you do not already have
one, a program to read PDF files is available free from
Adobe. Applicants should address the Selection Criteria,
and include the names, addresses and fax numbers of at
least 3 referees. Applications should be addressed to:

Recruitment Officer 1D107
University of Canberra ACT 2601

Oscar A. Flórez Márquez
Spanish Convenor
Modern Languages Program
School of Languages and International Education
Division of Communication and Education
University of Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
International phone: +61 2 6201 2074/+61 2 62012334,
International fax:   +61 2 6201 5089
e-mail: [log in to unmask]

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